Special classes

There are a variety of classes that suit a particular purpose such as business Korean, naturalization exam, survival Korean, special programs which learn advanced level for overseas Korean or foreigners who only know Korean in daily lives etc.

Business Korean
Naturalization test prep
Special program for overseas Korean
Class for foreigners who only know Korean in daily lives
Survival Korean
Reading or Studying Korean literature
Class for university students who study in Korea


Tuition fee

1:1 Lecture
1 person KRW 40,000/1h per 1person
2persons KRW 25,000/1h per 1person
3persons KRW 20,000/1h per 1person
4persons KRW 18,000/1h per 1person
5persons KRW 15,000/1h per 1person
Entrance fee KRW 20,000 (one time payment at the time of registration)


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